February 2006-November 2007 CSVBeans 0.7 released. Supporting fixed length files (thanks to SameLAN, S.L. SOLUCIONES TECNOLOGICAS) Adding converters support and error messages internationalization. Replacing some dependencies. Code cleaning. The code was released on November 2007.
October 8, 2005 CSVBeans 0.6 released. Documentation completed. Samples added
August 8, 2005 Updated web site. Adding documentation.
July 2, 2005 CSVBeans 0.5 released
October 2004 CSVBeans 0.1 released

CSVBeans is an open source Java library that allows to map Java beans with CSV files. Thanks to it, you can parse or build CSV files with simple POJOs in your code.

The library is shipped with several parsers and builders but you can add your own if you don't meet one that answers your needs.

csvBeans works with JDK 1.3.1 and higher.

First of all, you should download the last version of the library on Sourceforge. Then, take a look at the Quickstart page to see how to use the library.