User Guide to Buying Used Devices

Wanting to know if you should buy an old or second-hand iPhone at a knock-down price? Buying an old Apple product can get you almost all of the features of the latest model, but get an improved pricing offer. Pick up a good deal with our complete guide to buying old, second-hand and refurbished i-phones, including what to look for when shopping for second-hand.

Apple makes prestigious products, but the latest Apple package tends to command reduced price. It's true that, if you visit a f Store (online or on your high street) to buy an iPhone, you may the support that comes with buying immediate from the manufacturer, and you will probably get good advice if you speak to anyone in store. Yet , if you're not going to get any special discounts or deals on iPhones if you visit an Apple Store Genius - it can full price or nothing at all there, I'm afraid.

Mainly because of this, many people on a tight budget consider switching to non-Apple kit, but that's not the sole option. Is actually often possible to post an older model of Apple's iPhone with a huge discount if you know where to look.

The earliest iPhone you can get on the Apple Retail store is the used iPhone 6s, but what about picking up a level older model?

The iPhone 4s and older shall no much longer be supported with new iOS updates: iOS twelve exists for the iPhone 5 and later only. The iPhone 5 also comes with a Super connector, while the iPhone 4s still has the old 30-pin connector; this will limit the accessories available for your device.

The iPhone 4 and earlier, however, won't run iOS 8 or iOS 9, so they've recently been unsupported by Apple for a while now, which is why we didn't recommend buying an iPhone over the age of the iPhone 3g.

You will discover models of the iPhone 5 for sale, but additionally, there are ways to buy the iPhone 5 used or refurbished from the likes of Orchard and more. Then of course there's eBay, containing plenty of unused iPhones on offer but is perhaps not the most reliable source.